Welcome Back Students

New Horizon 
Heritage Academy​

Social Studies:


New Horizon Academy encourages academic skills, drawing upon traditional and contemporary introduction.

New Horizon Academy students are provided rich experience in literature and composition to expand Language experience. They also develop the oral and written language skills to become life long learners.

Language Arts:

Physical Education:

The health curriculum includes age- appropriate information about:

• Nutrition
• Fitness/ Exercise
• Wellness/ Safety Concepts
• Mental Health

Students develop the knowledge behaviors and decision- making skills that will lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Students sing, dance, and play variety or rhythm and pitched instruments during their weekly general music lessons.

Our physical education and health program helps students develop a healthy lifestyle and fitness level with a focus on movement, skills and physical fitness. Students develop physical fitness through a variety of challenging activities that combine personal effort and teamwork.

We give students the opportunity to interact and share ideas with their peers. New Horizon students learn science through laboratory investigation and experiments, reading, technology and problem solving.


Our Social Studies curriculum promotes students understanding of their families, schools, community, country and world as they become aware of their roles as responsible citizens.

The curriculum provides age- appropriate historic, cultural, geographic and economic knowledge.

Here at New Horizon Academy we understand as children learn mathematics they develop skills and concepts they will use in science, technology and business.

Children learn to value, understand and use math not only at school but also in their world.

General Music: